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D K Consulting Services Include:
  • Consulting for Low Voltage System Requirements or Requests
  • System evaluation for compatibility with existing systems or equipment
  • Security Evaluations of Facilities to Prevent Property Loss
  • Facilities Evaluation for Low Voltage System Requirements.
  • Evaluation of Requirements for the Design portion of a Design/Build Project
  • Design Drawing Preparation for Bid and Construction
  • Vendor Type Specifications For Bid and Construction
  • Performance Type Specifications for Bid and Construction
  • Fully Calculated and Engineered Drawing Preparation for Agency Review (AHJ)
  • Drawing Submission to Local, State, or Federal Authority Having Jurisdiction
  • Coordination Consultation with AHJ, Clients, and other design professionals.
  • Consulting to Establish Engineering or Cadd Departments
  • Consulting for building, electrical, and fire Codes as pertaining to Low Voltage Systems

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D K Consulting services are Ideal for those customers who:
  • Require fully Engineered and Calculated Design Drawings.
  • Require Assistance with AHJ Approval.
  • Require construction coordination for Low Voltage Projects.
  • Don’t maintain a regular full-time engineering staff
  • Need project support but are understaffed
  • Behind schedule on current projects
  • Are missing Low Voltage System design expertise
  • Require a building, electrical, or fire code resource
  • Desire expertise in communications, security, fire, or life safety systems

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