About the Principal at DK Consulting

About the Principal at DK Consulting

Dan Karllo brings over 30 years of experience with all phases of low-voltage system design and installation. Practical knowledge of codes, standards, construction methods, and system installation, obtained from hands-on experience, provides the foundation for anticipation and foresight required, ensuring project coordination and proper design.

Formative apprenticeship training on construction sites, learning initial rough in, installation, troubleshooting, programming, and final acceptance testing provided the basic building blocks for actual low voltage installation experience. Advancement through the ranks to foreman provided on site experience for problem solving and coordination issues. As Field Forman assisting the installation management team, Dan developed understanding and practiced the application of building codes and standards as applicable to sound, communication, security, fire, and life safety systems.

He has accumulated extensive experience negotiating acceptance criteria with authorities having jurisdiction and seeking final occupancy.

In 1989 Dan Karllo established the Engineering Department for LeCom Engineering, Inc. He provided leadership as the lead Engineer and designer for Low Voltage Systems as well as acting as manager for the engineering and drafting department. His consulting and engineering projects included evaluation of facilities for system retrofit, providing plans and specifications for plan approval and bid, also planning design build projects. He developed a variety of experiences and challenges through his involvement with a broad range of system types and occupancy types. Focusing on the Education and Health Care markets, much attention had to be paid to accuracy and detail, affording minimal error. Dan coordinated efforts to promote relationships with Federal, State, and Local Authorities Having Jurisdiction, ensuring reconciliation of conflicts and adherence to regulations.

Dan received a BS from Indiana University of Pennsylvania. Through continuing formal education in electronics and engineering, he has enhanced and upgraded skills for low voltage design and planning. Dan has achieved Level IV for the National Institute for the Certification in Engineering Technologies for Fire Alarm Systems.

Today, working jointly with architects, engineers, contractors, building owners, and building officials, Dan provides coordination, planning, engineering, and innovative solutions which aid in resolving conflicts and promoting cooperation between trades to expedite the critical path leading to substantial project completion. His detail-oriented approach satisfies building regulations while maintaining functional aesthetics of the building architecture. Dan provides support and problem-solving capabilities to avoid costly design changes and delays in building occupancy.

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