Engineering and Design of Low Voltage Systems

Engineering and Design of Low Voltage Systems

We provide both the engineering and design expertise for low voltage system projects of any size and scope.

Service Overview

We provide both the engineering and design expertise for low voltage system projects of any size and scope. During the engineering and design phase of the project, our experienced, professional engineering team will fully develop a design and CAD-engineered drawings for low voltage systems.


These fully calculated Design Drawing are suitable for bidding, construction, or agency review. We provide everything the customer needs for any low voltage system project, which may include anything from code-compliant designs for conferencing and mass notification, to communications, sound, security, fire alarm, and life safety systems.

We offer the full spectrum of engineering and design services, and can create system designs which not only meet the needs of the client, but also provide the details required for contractors, building owners, other engineers, building officials, and others who may be stakeholders in the low voltage project.

Our engineers have the experience to create systems which comply with all current applicable codes. Our designs for cost-effective systems can be engineered for both new construction and retrofitting. While we are happy to assist with ongoing projects, our specialty is on providing complete service for all phases of the project. Although we have a particular affinity and expertise in education and health care markets, our customer base encompasses many other industries as well.

Several decades of experience have given us the ability to engineer and design a low voltage system for all building occupancy types. The end results are efficient, affordable, and fully functional.

Description of Services

  • Preparatory work for schematic and design development phase.
  • Provide fully calculated and designed engineered drawings for bid, construction, or agency review.
  • Provide low voltage system specifications for bid and construction.
  • Prepare systems equipment brochure or material submittal.
  • Drawing submission to local, state, or federal authority having jurisdiction.
  • Peer review of design/build projects.
  • Design network systems or integrate multiple systems.
  • Innovate system solutions for end user requirements.

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