Our low voltage projects have covered a broad swath of occupancy types, ranging from medical to commercial-residential, tenant, administrative, penal and military projects:

Our policy is to coordinate early with the AHJ at the outset of the design and development stage to foster a positive relationship of mutual understanding and compromise. This effort will avoid any potential for misunderstanding or conflict which could delay a project. It will also strengthen negotiations through individual issues which might be ambiguous in the wording of the code.
Our compliant designs include systematic evaluation and adherence to California building, electrical, and fire codes as well as national and regional codes, when applicable. We also engage in continuing education, keeping current with the prescriptive code cycles, applications, new and developing technology which may meet the needs of present and future projects.

We are proud of the projects which we have completed and our dedicated staff, who have been a part of making DK Consulting a success for over 30 years.

Projects We
Have Completed