About Us

About Us

DK Consulting is a full-service consulting service providing all phases of planning, design, coordination, engineering, development, construction and implementation of comprehensive low voltage systems.

We offer solution-oriented expertise for the creation of communications, sound, security, fire safety, and life safety systems. We specialize in providing a network of professionals to create the low voltage system type which meets or exceeds the unique needs of the occupancy type.

Working together with the other professionals

Working together with the other design professionals on your team, D K Consulting can develop innovative approaches to Communication, Fire, Security, and Life Safety which satisfy regulations while maintaining the functional and aesthetic integrity of the your project.

We take pride in every project

Pride in detail, provides our clients with the assurance of a total system concept incorporated into the design of your systems. Total support and unique problem solving capabilities during all phases of design and construction.

D K Consulting — Providing Solutions

D K Consulting is an Anaheim, Ca based consulting firm and a division of KARCORP, Inc. We offer full-service consulting, planning, design, and engineering specifically for Low Voltage building systems. Our personalized, high-quality, cost-effective and timely communications, security, fire alarm, and life safety solutions are suitable for all occupancy types.

We provide fully tailored and customized facilities performance evaluations for hospital or school facilities with existing low voltage systems.

— Dan Karllo


Working With Us

Providing Solutions

Consulting, Planning, Design, and Engineering for Low Voltage Building Systems.

Our History

D K Consulting assists Architects, Engineers, Facility owners, Contractors, and other Consultants with Low Voltage Systems required for the building construction industry.


D K Consulting is dedicated to be a high-quality, cost-effective, and timely resource for the planning. We are committed to accuracy in design and assure prompt, professional, personalized service.

Services Description

We specialize in school and hospital requirements but are experienced in all occupancy types. We focus our complete attention to the Low Voltage segment of electrical design and engineering.