Evaluation of Equipment

Evaluation of Equipment

We provide expert evaluation of existing low voltage equipment for system expansion as well as for tenant improvement.

Service Overview

An electrical evaluation assesses existing equipment to determine if it will be adequate for future use or if it’s obsolete and should be updated or replaced. Some of the factors which should be taken into consideration when evaluating existing low voltage systems are age, efficiency, and cost of operation. These should be weighed against the cost to replace the existing equipment. Electrical evaluation of existing equipment can also determine the cause of a system failure, to offer renovation and upgrade solutions, or to ensure code compliance. Evaluations for new system equipment can be performed to determine suitability or applicability.


A new low voltage system might also need an electrical evaluation, such as in a system testing situation or when an assessment is required to determine if low voltage system equipment is functioning correctly and will meet the needs of the end user.

An additional service we can provide is the organization of vendor showcases of proposed system equipment. Such an exhibition can present the customer with a visual display of potential equipment, making more of an impact than descriptions or review of data sheets.

Electrical consultations for low voltage system equipment can offer the customer the benefit of current expertise as it applies to their unique situation in an industry which is moving forward at a rapid pace.

We can provide customers with low voltage system maintenance and testing recommendations, as well, so they receive the maximum benefit and comprehensive guidance for utilizing their new equipment.

Description of Services

  • Evaluations of low voltage system equipment to meet the needs of the end user.
  • Evaluate existing or new system equipment for future use or obsolescence.
  • Organize vendor showcase of proposed system equipment.

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